Satay Paste 沙爹即煮酱料 180g


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Satay Paste (Spiced Peanut) 沙爹即煮酱料

Ask anybody and they will tell you that chicken satay is one of their favorite and go-to appetizer.

The pieces of boneless chicken marinated in exotic spices, skewered with pieces of fat in between, and grilled to almost dark in color are absolutely mouthwatering and delightful.

The distinctive color and taste come from turmeric and the sweetness and dark color are from sweet soy sauce and sugar.

However, now you can skip all those long hours marinating and skewering and try our Satay Paste.

Relish in the remarkable taste of traditional home-cooked delicacy right in the comfort of your home.

Stir Fry Satay Chicken Recipe

Get your hands on our complete collection of flavoursome pastes that suit every Malaysian taste buds. Enjoy the pleasant new experience of exotic traditional cuisine in the comfort of your home.

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