Dried Shrimp Sambal 叁巴虾米 150g


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Dried Shrimp Sambal 叁巴虾米

Dried shrimp sambal also known as heé bee hiam in Hokkien is a spicy condiment that is known by every Malaysian.

If you weren’t aware, cooking it well takes time and is downright tedious. You need to constantly stir-fry the ingredients. Who has the time and patience for that?

So, skip the shrimp cleaning and chili cutting and experience that lip-smacking homecooked taste with our Dried Shrimp Sambal Paste.

It has all the ingredients and flavors we know and love best cooked with leafy vegetables and served as a side dish or condiment for any meal.

Not to mention, you’ll cut down way more time but still manage to cook a delicious dish in mere minutes.

Sambal with Sweet Potato Leaves

Get your hands on our complete collection of flavoursome pastes that suit every Malaysian taste buds. Enjoy the pleasant new experience of exotic traditional cuisine in the comfort of your home.

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