Malaysia’s rich culinary heritage is colorful and diverse. The result of this multiculturalism can be found in our national identity, which has been preserved through the generations because it reflects what we believe as Malaysians: not just one culture but many cultures coming together to form something new – Malaysian cuisine.



We want to bring back the traditional, authentic flavors of Malaysia that have been lost in this modern world. We’re all too busy working or running around trying our best just like everyone else so it’s only natural we can’t find time for cooking anymore.

Therefore, we take great care in preserving this heritage by creating Kantan pastes.

Our founder, Seth’s, mother had a deep-rooted passion for traditional Malaysian cuisine, and it influenced him on his journey with food since young. Kantan Food was inspired by that very passion for traditional Malaysian cuisine which you can taste today through our products!

Over 40 years of experience

Aunty Annie’s decades of experience have taught her to be critical yet compassionate with the tastes she served. She learned various dishes from all over Asia, tweaking and developing them until they were perfect for your taste buds, making them a family secret that is tight-held today.

The heirloom recipes of our founder, Seth are now being passed down to you. These dishes have been made with love and passion for generations so that your taste buds can enjoy them at home.


Vision & Mission

The recipes we share with people are the very same ones that took years to perfect. Our commitment is to ensure your satisfaction every step along this journey, which starts by giving you an unforgettable meal!

Our Story of Authentic Malaysian Homemade Pastes Creation

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