Delicious Malaysian Recipes Made Easy

Malaysia is bursting with culture, and Kantan Food pastes recipes are bursting with flavor! Our easy and quick recipes are vibrant and dynamic just like Malaysia.

So if you love authentic Malaysian flavors, these amazing recipes have that tang, fragrance, and mouth-watering effect you won’t want to miss.


Stir Fry Satay Chicken Recipe

We all love satay chicken, sometimes even multiple sticks of them! The taste of lemongrass, cumin, and chili encapsulating juicy pieces of chicken is what Malaysians and foreigners fall in love with.

Simple & Aromatic Rendang Chicken Recipe

We only ever hear about rendang when it's the Raya celebration, sometimes even during Ramadhan. The unity of aromatics and spices symbolizes the togetherness of loved ones on this blessed festivity.

Curry with Fish Head Or Fillet Recipe

This one-pot fish curry is a simple, delicious, and flavorful dish that warms up even the coldest of hearts. Kantan Food has made the perfect combination of spices that complements the taste of fresh fish and vegetables.
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