Kantan pastes are made fresh to meet the flavorful Malaysian tastebuds without compromising the authenticity of the production processes. The 100% natural ingredients with zero preservative, artificial flavors and coloring is definitely a big win to all Malaysians! These are the careful step-by-step processes that take place in our very own production factory.


Kitchen Solutions / OEM

For business enquiries, all of our pastes come in 1kg packaging. We provide OEM services with low MOQ, as well as customize pastes according to customer’s preferences. You’re more than welcome to contact us with any queries about our business packaging and OEM services.


Automated Cooker

Step 1

In order to maintain the food quality as well as hygiene purposes, all pastes are cooked using the automated cooker.


Filling Machine

Step 2

The paste will then be transferred to the filling machine, where all the pouches will be filled with the exact grammage of paste in every single pack.


Sealing Machine

Step 3

Once the pouch is filled, it will then be vacuumed & sealed.


Retort Machine

Step 4

Finally, all pouches will be sent into the retort machine to undego sterillization process, exterminating all bacterias for longer shelf life.

Our Journey to Authentic Malaysian homemade pastes

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