Our Readymade Cooking Pastes Production

We are one of the best companies for producing Halal food pastes in 1kg packaging with Buatan Malaysian and Mesti certification. We also provide customizations with low MOQ, so you can upgrade your kitchen production easily! Contact us if there is anything about our business package or OEM services that interests you today!

Kitchen Solutions / OEM

We produce instant food pastes in 1kg packaging perfect for bulk orders. We also provide OEM services with low MOQ, as well as customized pastes according to your preferences. Interested in upgrading your kitchen production? Contact us with any queries about our business packaging and OEM services today!


instant paste cooking production

Automated Cooker

Step 1

In order to keep food quality as well as hygiene purposes, all pastes are cooked using automated cookers.

instant paste filling production

Filling Machine

Step 2

The paste will then be transferred to our filling machine, where all the pouches are filled with an exact grammage.

cooking paste sealing production

Sealing Machine

Step 3

Once filled, the pouch will then be vacuum sealed.

cooking paste retort machine production

Retort Machine

Step 4

Finally, all pouches will go through a sterilization process that ensures their shelf life is extended.

Our Journey to Authentic Malaysian homemade pastes

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