kantan shrimp sambal sweet potato leaves cooking tutorial

Shrimp Sambal Sweet Potato Leaves ( Serves 4 )

Our yummy shrimp sambal belacan paste is perfect as a side dish for any meal. So no more scratching your head over what side dish to serve with your main course. We have you covered.

Cook with any vegetable of your choice and get the most scrumptious accompaniment to your meals. We recommend using leafy greens if you’re short on time…and energy.

Follow our recipe for shrimp sambal sweet potato leaves that requires no extra seasoning and ingredients. All the flavors are already in the cooking paste for your utmost convenience.

You can even experiment with different vegetables to know which recipe suits your taste buds the most. Now, you don’t have to trouble yourself with what side dish to cook every day!


  • 80g Dried Shrimp Paste
  • Sweet Potato Leaves (Vegetable of your choice)

Cooking Instruction

  1. Heat wok over medium heat and saute Kantan Shrimp paste until fragrant. 用中火将炒锅加热,然后将【简单亚叁即煮酱料】炒至香。
  2. Put in vegetable and continue to stir fry over medium heat for 1-2 minutes. 放入蔬菜,继续用中火翻炒1-2分钟。
  3. Next, close lid for 30 seconds (Optional). 接下来,合上盖子30秒钟。
  4. When the vegetable is cooked, season to taste. Dish out and serve hot. 当蔬菜煮熟后,趁热食用。
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