Kantan Food – Authentic Malaysian Instant

We at Kantan Food are passionate about our food and want you to experience the unique taste of Bunga Kantan. Our brand, which in Cantonese or Japanese pronunciation means “simple” or “uncomplicated,” represents a mission that aims not only in championing these flavors but also to simplify your cooking process while maintaining traditional Malaysian tastes!


Cooking Pastes Producer & Supplier

The instant cooking food industry was born when Malaysia experienced its worst-ever outbreak. With the schools closed and children unable to attend class, Seth found himself with hours of free time on his hands- an opportunity that would eventually lead him down a path where he could pursue what made him happy: selling homemade Malaysian sauces!

Their goal is to provide the highest quality, homemade cooking pastes for all of their customers. This was not an easy task but they are happy with how it turned out and there’s no one better than them because what sets Kantan Food apart from other companies are its preservative-free ready-made sauces that use fresh ingredients straight off the boat!

Kantan Food’s products are perfect for any kitchen because of their high quality and versatility, usable in-home cooking, but also for restaurants, hotels and cafes as well!

Making cooking simple yet flavorful in every meal

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