kantan satay chicken cooking tutorial

Stir Fry Satay Chicken ( Serves 4 )

We all love satay chicken, sometimes even multiple sticks of them!

The taste of lemongrass, cumin, and chili encapsulating juicy pieces of chicken is what Malaysians and foreigners fall in love with.

But not everyone has the patience to skewer marinated chicken one by one and grill them. So why not try this quick and easy fool-proof recipe for stir fry satay chicken?

Now you can taste the distinctive flavors of satay with our ready-to-cook satay paste in just minutes! You can serve this with rice or even by itself, it will taste good either way.


  • 350g boneless chicken
  • 30ml santan
  • 150g Kantan Satay Sauce
  • Curry Leaves


  • Curry Leaves
  • Crushed Nuts

Cooking Instruction

  1. Heat wok over medium heat and saute Kantan Satay Sauce until fragrant.用中火将炒锅加热,然后将【简单沙爹即煮酱料】炒至香。
  2. Put in curry leaves and continue to stir for 30 seconds, and pour in chicken cubes to stir together. 放入咖喱叶,继续搅拌30秒, 接着倒入鸡块一起搅拌。
  3. Finally, pour in 30ml santan and continue to stir until the chicken cubes are throughly cooked. 最后倒入30毫升椰浆,继续搅拌直至鸡块完全煮熟。
  4. (Optional) Season to taste,dish out and serve hot. 趁热食用。
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