Meat Curry Paste 咖喱肉即煮酱料 180g


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Meat Curry Paste 咖喱肉即煮酱料

Meat curry is a timeless delicacy and an all-time favorite for Malaysians. Particularly because they are easy to make in big portions and taste better the longer it’s cooked.

They are savoury and delicious on a side of steamed rice which can lift up anyone’s day. Even the smell of cooking curry can make any stomach rumble and mouth water.

In Malaysia, there are many ways to cook curry such as kapitan style, Nyonya style and devil’s curry.

However, our meat curry paste has been made to suit the palate of Malaysians. The taste is familiar like mother’s cooking yet exquisite like that over-priced restaurant.

Fuss Free & Delectable Curry Chicken Recipe

Get your hands on our complete collection of flavoursome pastes that suit every Malaysian taste buds. Enjoy the pleasant new experience of exotic traditional cuisine in the comfort of your home.

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