Rendang Paste 任当即煮酱料 180g


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Rendang Paste (Coconut Curry) 任当即煮酱料

Originated from Indonesia but seemingly very popular and loved by many in Malaysia, especially during Hari Raya.

Any rendang whether with beef, lamb or chicken is relentlessly slow-cooked and stewed. The end product? Flavorful meat in intense exotic spiced gravy.

Although it takes time to prep and complete this famous dish, the complex structure of flavors is not one you will forget.

Skip all the prepping and tiring stirring and try our authentic Rendang Paste. It will surely remind you of the homemade feeling you know and love.

Simple & Aromatic Rendang Chicken Recipe

Get your hands on our complete collection of flavoursome pastes that suit every Malaysian taste buds. Enjoy the pleasant new experience of exotic traditional cuisine in the comfort of your home.

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