Malaysians have always enjoyed hawker recipes for their homey and hearty flavors.

Whether for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snacks, hawker centers in Malaysia have it all!

They are always bustling with people, especially during peak hours.

Some people want to enjoy the food without having to queue so long and be around so many people.

Recreate your favorite hawker stall meals with these hawker recipes!

Hawkers Stalls in Malaysia

There are so many hawker stalls in Malaysia that prepare various foods from various cultures.

All in one place, you’ll most definitely find an easy favorite of yours.

From local Malaysian dishes to western bites, it is a street food haven for all to enjoy.


Quick & Easy Hawker Recipes

Homemade Chicken Satay

Fresh-off-the-grill satay is everyone’s favorite. The distinctive charred flavor and enticing aroma are the perfect accompaniment to peanut sauce, nasi impit, cucumber, and red onion.

Marinating for hours and skewering the chicken takes too long.

Here’s our recipe for stir fry satay chicken recipe – hawker style!

Prawn Mee Noodles

Another hawker legacy in Malaysia is the prawn mee which is served with fresh prawns, veggies, and slow-cooked broth.

Topped with spicy sambal and it will warm your chilly days.

Here’s our recipe for hawker recipe prawn mee noodles able to serve 6!

Assam Laksa Recipe

Assam Laksa is a popular favorite for its tangy, sour, and spicy flavors. Some hawker customers find themselves eating bowls and bowls of it!

That distinct taste is only by rendering the broth for hours but surely we don’t have time for that!

Here’s our assam laksa recipe using our best-selling asam laksa paste!

Rendang Chicken Recipe

Rendang ayam will always be the highlight during Aidilfitri celebrations but who said you can’t enjoy it throughout the whole year?

With our secret recipe, you don’t need to wait for Bazar Ramadhan for it anymore.

Here’s our homemade chicken rendang recipe using our best rendang paste brand.

Penang Curry Laksa

A definite show stopper of flavors only a Penangite can create is the famous curry laksa. 

The thick broth encapsulates every condiment with its rich and creamy taste that is enjoyed by everyone.

Our penang curry laksa ala hawker is the perfect go-to recipe for your family.


Instant Cooking Pastes Supplier for Hawker Recipes

Now you don’t have to bother going to hawker centers for your all-time favorites!

We at Kantan have been creating readymade pastes for our consumers to enjoy their local favorites by using our heirloom recipes.

Our instant cooking pastes make Malaysian delicacies super easy and fast to cook, even for new cooks!

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