Understanding Clean Label Products & Kantan’s Approach

Nowadays, mindful consumers are more inclined to buy clean label products. Manufacturers with clean label products are aware that consumers are increasingly mindful of what they eat. Hence, creating clean labels is a great effort to prioritize quality ingredients and transparency. But is it just a trend? Let’s get into it and learn how Kantan […]

The Benefits of Bulk Purchase Instant Pastes for Caterers

As a caterer, juggling multiple tasks while delivering delicious meals is all in a day’s work. That’s where bulk purchase instant pastes come in handy, offering a range of benefits to simplify your kitchen operations and enhance your culinary creations. Let’s dive into why incorporating these time-saving ingredients can be a game-changer for your catering […]


What is the Halal Food Manufacturer Production Process?

In this guide, we’ll simplify the process by breaking down the key factors to consider when selecting a Halal food manufacturer. From sourcing ingredients to meeting certification standards, we’ll explore the essentials to help consumers confidently embrace Halal-certified products. Let’s explore some key factors to consider when selecting a supplier, ensuring that the products meet […]


Why Restaurants in Malaysia Must Have a Halal Food Supplier

In the world of running a restaurant, picking the right ingredients is like choosing the colors for a masterpiece. Opting for a reliable Halal food supplier isn’t just a smart move, it’s a clear commitment to keeping things authentic and hygienic. Let’s explore how this decision can take your restaurant to new heights, making sure […]


Benefits of Partnering with an OEM Sauce Manufacturer

In the competitive landscape of food service businesses, staying ahead is a necessity. For those looking for a strategic edge, partnering with an OEM sauce manufacturer is a game-changer. To win the game, establishing a partnership with a reliable supplier of premium sauces is essential. Let’s dive into the significance of securing a trustworthy sauce […]


Build a Strong Supply Chain with a Reliable Bulk Paste Supplier

In the restaurant industry, a reliable bulk paste supplier is essential for a strong supply chain to guarantee your restaurant’s success. This is especially true for Asian cuisine, which is all about making sure the flavors are right and the process is smooth. To achieve this, it’s crucial to partner with a trusted supplier who […]


Instant Food for Modern Eateries in Malaysia

Instant food solutions have emerged as a game-changer, making it possible for young entrepreneurs to offer a diverse and enticing menu while ensuring a smooth and efficient kitchen operation. In this blog, we’ll explore how instant food is transforming the culinary landscape for new, ambitious restaurant owners and how it can enhance customer satisfaction and […]

[2023] List of Certified Halal Products in Malaysia

Halal (meaning permissible in Arabic) isn’t merely a dietary preference but a way of life for millions of Muslims around the world. In Malaysia, a country renowned for its vibrant heritage and cultural diversity, the significance of halal transcends food to encompass a wide range of products. Here we’ll explore some of the most popular […]


A Single Guide on How to Open a Hot Pot Restaurant

Are you passionate about serving sizzling experiences in your very own hot pot restaurant? Opening a hot pot restaurant could be your ticket to culinary success. We’ll walk you through the roadmap of turning your dream of a hot pot haven into a reality that satisfies your taste buds and your business ambitions.


Contract Manufacturing with Sustainable Retort Pouch Solutions

When talking about instant pastes and sauces, packaging is always an issue for some manufacturers. But not us. Since using high-quality retort pouch for all our products, we significantly reduced wastage and contamination. We are now fully prepared to provide contract manufacturing solutions using our premium retort pouches that are both sustainable for use and […]

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