[2023] List of Certified Halal Products in Malaysia

Halal (meaning permissible in Arabic) isn’t merely a dietary preference but a way of life for millions of Muslims around the world. In Malaysia, a country renowned for its vibrant heritage and cultural diversity, the significance of halal transcends food to encompass a wide range of products. Here we’ll explore some of the most popular […]


A Single Guide on How to Open a Hot Pot Restaurant

Are you passionate about serving sizzling experiences in your very own hot pot restaurant? Opening a hot pot restaurant could be your ticket to culinary success. We’ll walk you through the roadmap of turning your dream of a hot pot haven into a reality that satisfies your taste buds and your business ambitions.


Why Readymade Food Pastes for Commercial Kitchens

Commercial kitchens are a core component of the F&B industry. A commercial kitchen is also a shared kitchen used to cook large amounts of food with a large turnover and a high output. They have plenty of room for heavy-duty appliances and storage space so cooks can prepare food efficiently, safely, and productively. If you […]


Why You Need Asian Food Contract Manufacturing Solutions

Do you have an idea or want to venture into producing Asian food products? You don’t need your own kitchen or factory to make good food. All you need is food contract manufacturing! It is the way to go if you want to skip the hassle of perfecting your own recipe. We provide contract manufacturing […]


No.1 Food Service Partner for Authentic Asian Cuisine

Looking for an authentic asian cuisine food service partner? If you work in the food service business, a reliable food service partner can help your business grow. We have supported many food businesses with our cooking solutions for a productive kitchen.


Enjoy Authentic Malaysian Food in Australia

Malaysian restaurants have been among the hottest openings in Australia. It comes as no surprise since Malaysian food has such bold flavors and is packed with spices. If you are looking for authentic Malaysian food for yourself or for your restaurant business, we have just the thing for you.


Restaurant Food Solutions for Delicious Asian Cuisine

The restaurant industry mainly deals with highly perishable products. They need to find the best restaurant food solutions to improve their supply management and create delicious meals. Kantan is the best restaurant partner for cooking Malaysian dishes efficiently. Let’s get into it.

Why Kantan is Your Best Food Service Partner

Kantan Food has food service solutions to help your kitchen. We have worked with many businesses with our food service solutions, even in Singapore. Not only do we have several types of cooking food pastes, but we also work with you to meet a business plan that works best for you.


Hawker Recipes Using Easy Cooking Pastes in Malaysia

Malaysians have always enjoyed hawker recipes for their homey and hearty flavors. Whether for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snacks, hawker centers in Malaysia have it all! They are always bustling with people, especially during peak hours. Some people want to enjoy the food without having to queue so long and be around so many people. […]

Halal Instant Cooking Paste Supplier in Malaysia

It is tricky sometimes to find Halal instant cooking paste in the market. Probably because most grocery stores don’t have many halal options. In the end, it feels easier to whip something up in the kitchen yourself but not everyone can cook delicious meals so easily. Throw away that anxiety and cook with one of […]

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