Top 5 Malaysian Dishes Customers Love [Must Have Menu]

Malaysian dishes are loved by many, be it locals or foreigners.  There is no denying the variety of Malaysian dishes is thanks to the many cultures Malaysia has.  Full of flavor, originality, and love, you will be spoilt for choice when deciding which Malaysian food fits your palette.  Here are 5 Malaysian dishes that are […]


5 Challenges Restaurants Face and How to Solve Them

Restaurants face a lot of challenges in their day to day Some restaurants face long-term challenges that are difficult to solve by themselves. As their demand increases, challenges will increase if they don’t manage their workflow efficiently. Is your restaurant facing issues? Here are some of the challenges restaurants face and the solutions.


Why Hotels Should Use Readymade Pastes

Hotels should use readymade pastes to consistently cook with the highest quality. Although everyone prefers freshly cooked meals, authentic Malaysian dishes are typically time consuming to make. Hotels in particular don’t have that privilege so using high quality instant cooking pastes is the way to go.

Flavorful Instant Cooking Pastes in Malaysia

Flavorful Instant Cooking Pastes in Malaysia

Instant cooking pastes is the go-to way for flavorful meals without the hassle. The Best Instant Cooking Pastes in Malaysia There is no denying, a delicious pot of savory curry is beyond heavenly. But, not everyone has the skills, ingredients, or patience to master homemade meals. Then again, even if you have all the above, […]

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