Flavorful Instant Cooking Pastes in Malaysia

Instant cooking pastes is the go-to way for flavorful meals without the hassle.

The Best Instant Cooking Pastes in Malaysia

There is no denying, a delicious pot of savory curry is beyond heavenly. But, not everyone has the skills, ingredients, or patience to master homemade meals.

Then again, even if you have all the above, cooking a mean pot of curry takes time. Remember helping out your mother cut up ingredients and everything was served almost an hour later?

So, what’s the solution to get a similar outcome of great-tasting meals? Kantan Food’s instant cooking pastes are just what you need.

Easy Malaysian Delicacies at Home

You can find tons of Malaysian food pastes at your local grocery store. But, you will have a hard time finding no preservatives cooking pastes.

Kantan makes freshly made pastes to satisfy any Asian meal-lover with zero preservatives, artificial flavors, and colors. Mix them all together and you have instant cooking pastes with 100% natural ingredients that entice every Malaysian.

We specialize in cooking a wide range of authentic Malaysian readymade cooking pastes that are the country’s most popular cuisines. Kantan’s Rendang Paste, Fish Curry Paste, and Assam Pedas Paste are among our best-selling instant cooking pastes.

Not only are they a party for your tastebuds, but Kantan Food’s instant cooking pastes also makes cooking a breeze by simplifying preparations, cuts costs, and saves time.

6 Mouth-Watering Instant Cooking Pastes

Our entire process practices food safety and hygiene practices among our employees and operations, from processing our fresh and local ingredients to food-safe packaging.

Here are our flavorful instant cooking pastes that we cooked up to satisfy the exquisite tastebuds of our fellow customers.

Instant Asam Pedas Paste

assam-pedas-instant-cooking-pastes assam-curry-instant-cooking-pastes-product-info

A classic Malaysian cuisine is Assam Pedas, which means “sour spicy” in Bahasa Melayu. This traditional delicacy has a distinct base flavor yet there are so many versions by Malays, Chinese, and Indians alike.

Tamarind peel, ginger torch flower, and Vietnamese coriander, often known as laksa leaves, are among the distinctive ingredients in this cooking paste. They are essential in achieving that distinct flavor and scent Malaysians know and love.

Cook up a thick broth with Kantan’s Assam Pedas Paste to satisfy the most refined taste buds with the sour, spicy, and sweet flavors. It is the perfect recipe for Asam Pedas Ikan Pari, Asam Pedas Shrimp, and Nyonya Style Asam Pedas.

Dried Shrimp Sambal

dried shrimp sambal product info

Dried shrimp sambal, also known in Hokkien as heé bee hiam, is a spicy condiment familiar to all Malaysians.

With Kantan’s Dried Shrimp Sambal or Sambal Hebi, you won’t have to stay by the stove to stir-fry ingredients constantly until it is cooked.

All in all, you’ll save more time and energy yet the outcome will be the same aromatic meal with hints of sambal belacan ready to serve.

Fish Curry Paste

fish-curry-instant-cooking-pastes fish-curry-instant-cooking-pastes-product-info

Fish curry originates from the land of spice – India. However, we’ve developed this instant cooking paste for Malaysian tastebuds that even non-natives can enjoy.

All you need is a good piece of fish, coconut milk, okra, and eggplants to prepare it. Results? A steamy pot of the greatest curry with a kick that tastes just like how mom made it.

When eaten with garlic naan or roti jala, however, it’s a game-changer.

Meat Curry Paste

meat curry paste meat curry paste product info

Beef curry or chicken curry is a Malaysian classic that has stood the test of time. They’re especially popular because it is fairly simple to make in large batches and taste better the longer you cook it.

We created our curry paste for chicken or beef with Malaysians in mind. The flavor is comforting like mom’s cooking and even the fragrance of cooking our curry can make your stomach growl and your mouth water.

Rendang Instant Cooking Paste

rendang-paste-product-thumbnail rendang-paste-product-info

Any type of Rendang is loved by all in Malaysia, particularly during Hari Raya and festivities. Whether made with beef, lamb, or chicken, it is slow-cooked and stewed to perfection.

However, you can cut half the time stirring over a hot stove with Kantan’s Instant Rendang Paste. As a result, cook a flavorful gravy with lots of unique spices rich with Asian flavors. It will undoubtedly bring back memories of the comforting warmth of a home-cooked meal.

Instant Satay Cooking Paste

satay-instant-cooking-pastes satay-instant-cooking-pastes-product-info

Anyone will tell you that chicken satay is one of their favorite appetizers. The boneless chicken pieces marinated in unique spices, skewered with fat bits in between, and grilled to an almost dark hue are delectable beyond words.

So bypass the long hours of marinating and skewering by using our Malaysian Satay Paste. Our special blend includes turmeric for the distinct color and rich flavor, soy sauce, and sugar for the caramelized sweetness.

No. 1 Instant Cooking Pastes Manufacturer in Malaysia

In sum, instant cooking pastes are the best solution to meals with authentic Asian flavors in the comfort of your own home. No instant cooking paste is better-tasting than Kantan Food.

We are an instant cooking paste supplier in Malaysia. We are dedicated to preserve and share our family’s treasured recipes with the rest of the world. Years of testing and tweaking went into each of our recipes to assure the best flavor, especially for the most selective palates.

Additionally, we make ready-made pastes for commercial kitchens in bulk to upgrade your kitchen operations. Get in touch with us today for kitchen solutions to boost your ROI.

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