scale up your kitchen food production

Food production is complex, super flexible, and difficult to manage properly. 

Virtually, every kitchen needs to be on tip-top formation for the most efficient management. However, this doesn’t come easy for every kitchen unless you’ve been in business for ages. 

With recently advanced food production solutions, kitchen management is smoother and more consistent. Now, it’s about time you scale up your kitchen food production. Here’s how. 

Tips on Scaling Up Food Production

It’s easy when you’re already in your comfort zone with a reliable system and well-structured management. However, in any business especially for F&B, setting and surpassing a goal target can give you better results. 

But, it is important to note that not every business is ready to scale up its food production. If you aren’t prepared, you are at risk of unsatisfied customers, overworked staff, and a compromised business. 

So let’s take a look at some useful tips on steadily and successfully scaling up a kitchen’s food production.

how to scale up your kitchen’s food production

Adjusting your Recipe

When you’re scaling up your food production in the kitchen, you need to consider outsourcing some of your cuisines. If you’re satisfied with in-house cooking from scratch, great! But if you want to cut time shorter yet raise productivity, purchase pre-made food pastes instead. 

A local cooking paste manufacturer is your best choice because they have a knack for creating localized flavors. Also, if you’re concerned it won’t taste the same, you can easily adjust the recipe. 

As a result, you can shorten your prepping and cooking time substantially, reduce raw material expenses, and produce food in bigger quantities. Thus, you can scale up productions without compromising the taste, texture, color, and quality of the meals. 

Sourcing for Food Production

Previously, you’ve done well cooking in-house with consistent raw materials from your local supplier. Now that you’re ready to scale up, you need better resources to cook your delicious meals for your customers. 

For example, you want to increase production for your famous Chicken Rendang. Of course, you will need the main ingredients namely lemongrass, chili paste, kerisik, and more. By increasing your resources, you need to think about growing your storage space too. 

Hence, it would be a better idea if you outsource your best-selling Chicken Rendang from a rendang paste manufacturer in Malaysia. This way, you can keep the distinct taste of your delicacy without ever worrying about your raw material supply ever again. 

Moreover, if you decide to use ready-to-cook pastes from Kantan, you can easily create your own dishes that suit your kitchen the best. Hence, you’re never short of menu options to serve your customers.

Storage for Food Products

Now that you’re hooked on the idea of using instant cooking pastes in Malaysia for your kitchen, you will need to think about its storage. 

Don’t worry, you won’t need to expand your kitchen or require any extra kitchen equipment. Kantan Food makes instant cooking pastes that can last up to 2 years if not exposed to bacteria. 

So, all you ever really need is a racking system that can accommodate the unopened ready-made food pastes at room temperature to keep it fresh and safe.

Take note that once the package is opened, you must keep it refrigerated in a cold storage system to avoid exposure to heat and bacteria.

how to scale up your kitchen’s food production

Improve your Kitchen Food Production with Instant Food Pastes

Scaling up your kitchen production may be difficult but with these tips in mind, you’ll do great! Bottom line is, you want to give your customers the same quality they love but in larger quantities to suit the demands. 

Hence, with cost-effective means by opting for instant cooking paste in Malaysia, you can successfully scale up your F&B business. 

So, why not try our selection of irresistible cooking pastes made from locally sourced ingredients with flavors Malaysians know and love. Kantan Food can cater to all your food service needs in your kitchen with our zero preservative Malaysian food pastes.

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