Hotels should use readymade pastes to consistently cook with the highest quality.

Although everyone prefers freshly cooked meals, authentic Malaysian dishes are typically time consuming to make.

Hotels in particular don’t have that privilege so using high quality instant cooking pastes is the way to go.

The Benefits of Using Readymade Pastes in Hotels

Guests really appreciate good food at their hotel. Cooking pastes guarantee this and more.

If your hotel is one the fence about premade pastes, we’ve listed down the benefits to guide you.

Make versatile meals in minutes

Readymade pastes have a lot of potential. Guests’ preferences are always changing, so is the demand for ethnically diverse flavors.

Luckily you can buy pastes in bulk made with authentic Asian recipes to create your guests’ favorite local dishes.


Reduce waste in the hotel kitchen

Using pre-made pastes and cooking bases significantly cuts down on waste. It is more convenient for kitchen staff as they will have a lot more control over hotel food preparations.

As a result, hotel cooks no longer have to worry about the freshness of ingredients as readymade pastes have a very long shelf life.

Helps hotels adapt to new conditions

Having a variety of ready-to-cook solutions on hand is a great way to offer versatility and save time during busy seasons.

When there is a need to create a new and diverse menu, a variety of instant pastes will certainly help prevent stress of finding new ingredients and recipes.

Cut prep time by half

When hotels use readymade pastes, all they need is their choice of proteins and vegetables to complete the dish.

Not only will you cut down time on prepping ingredients for the stock or gravy base, instant pastes also helps save hours on cooking time.

Authentic and traditonal Asian flavors

Although people don’t usually stay in hotels for the food, food can be a reason why they will choose and recommend your hotel.

Especially hotels in Malaysia, preparing authentic Asian cuisine is crucial to showcase the exotic tastes to foreign tourists.

What better way to do that than getting pastes made from traditional heirloom recipes from a Malaysian?


Your No.1 Hotel Food Supplier in Malaysia

It is a common misconception that readymade cooking pastes tastes too processed.

However, there are cooking pastes suppliers in Malaysia that make them taste homemade and delicious.

Kantan knows that the guests’ experience is essential to a hotel’s reputation. Which is why we offer kitchen solutions to all hotels in Malaysia.

Need more info? Get in touch with our advisor to purchase bulk readymade pastes!

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All of our commercial pastes come in 1kg packaging. We provide OEM services with low MOQ and customized pastes according to your preferences.

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