Hotel food solutions are one of the ways to better serve your guests which is crucial for your success.

Since this is a concern for you, you must have the best hotel food solutions in Malaysia.

If you’re wondering how, we’ll take you through what you need to know about procuring hotel food solutions to improve your guest experience.

Are food supplies important for hotels in Malaysia?

Hotel food can make or break a guest’s stay. It is one of the main reasons they leave a positive feedback or choose to book your hotel.

Delicious food is what sets you apart from your nearby competition, and how you can provide a memorable experience.

With this in mind, it’s really important that make the right choices around what your hotel menu is to satisfy your guests.

Hotel Food Ideas for Malaysian Hotels

Usually, hotels have a wide spread of menu selections for their guests. Most hotels are known for their buffet which gives hotels freedom of creativity to meet guest’s food choices.

It should be noted that the food must cater to the hotel’s main demographic too.

Here are some menu ideas for hotels in Malaysia:

  • Local favorites
  • Asian delights
  • Malaysian kuih
  • Hearty and hot meals


How can hotels save time for food preparation?

There are a lot of food suppliers for hotels but not many of them offer solutions that can cut down food preparation time.

Prepping ingredients hours beforehand and cooking may seem like the only option. However, the food industry has now made it possible for hotels to make great-tasting food in less time and less effort.

One of the top option is using instant cooking pastes for your menu. You can easily prepare food that are consistent in taste or you can adjust as you like.

Best Hotel Food Supplier in Malaysia

All in all, a hotel’s reputation depends on their quality of services especially the food.

Kantan understands that customer experience is essential to your job which is why we offer kitchen solutions to hotels in Malaysia.

With a wide selection of readymade Malaysian pastes, the authentic tastes will certainly become the reason they return.

Need more info? Get in touch with our advisor on purchasing bulk readymade pastes to enhance your guest’s experience!

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