The most practical option is to outsource readymade pastes in bulk to save money in the long run.

Malaysian business owners are always looking for the best economical practices for their business.

Especially in today’s weather where the COVID-19 pandemic has hit the nation hard.

Food is the top cost for restaurant and food businesses. This is why finding cheaper ways to source them is the best option.

So, here is why buying readymade pastes in bulk is better for your food business.

Why Buying in Bulk is Better

Not only does buying readymade pastes in bulk is better for businesses, but it also benefits households.

Basically, it gives the opportunity for us to buy more at a fraction of the retail cost of buying raw materials. 

Beyond that, there are many other benefits of buying instant cooking pastes for Malaysian food businesses.

Benefits of Buying Readymade Pastes in Bulk

Cut Down Costs

Buying ready-to-cook pastes in bulk saves more money, which is obviously the most appealing selling factor for food businesses.

If your restaurant is new to buying bulk cooking pastes, start with your best-selling menu items to see how long it takes to buy and restock.

Moreover, by purchasing a large number of items at once, you get more leverage with the supplier and can avoid additional delivery fees.

This is because when you invest in more upfront costs, you can negotiate a better price since you are clearing their inventory quickly.

As a result, all that money saved can be put into efforts such as advertising and digital marketing to bring more value to your brand.

Easier to Stay in Stock

It can be super frustrating when you run out of critical items when multiple orders are coming through.

You can simply avoid this by buying bulk readymade pastes since they can last longer in storage. Also, this practice is perfect for when holidays are coming up.

For example, before the Hari Raya Aidilfitri season, buy a large number of Instant Rendang Pastes to prepare for the festivities.

Keep a Consistent Quality

When we eat something and it tastes different from before, we might not want to come back next time, right?

That’s what your customers may feel if your quality is not consistent. Hence, by bulk buying readymade pastes, you can easily cook your best-selling dishes with the same high quality.

Rather than buying raw materials and cooking from scratch, purchasing a single order from a cooking paste supplier will ensure the entire order is produced in the same batch.

Hence, you are avoiding any inconsistencies in your orders thus, preventing any risk to quality.


Instant Readymade Pastes Supplier for Bulk Orders

Business owners in Malaysia are striving to keep their head over water to stay in business.

Therefore, a great solution is to cut down costs by bulk ordering Malaysian cooking pastes. Not only will you reduce production costs, but your profit margins will also soar.

So, let Kantan Food cater to all your food service needs for your kitchen with our zero preservative Malaysian food pastes.

For business enquiries

All of our commercial pastes come in 1kg packaging. We provide OEM services with low MOQ and customized pastes according to your preferences.

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