header-contract-manufacturing-with-sustainable-retort-pouch-solutionsWhen talking about instant pastes and sauces, packaging is always an issue for some manufacturers.

But not us. Since using high-quality retort pouch for all our products, we significantly reduced wastage and contamination.

We are now fully prepared to provide contract manufacturing solutions using our premium retort pouches that are both sustainable for use and for your business.

Retort Packaging by Kantan Food

We have now upgraded our retort pouch packaging for all our contract manufacturing clients.

All of our pastes and sauces are filled into top-quality retort pouches from a reputable local supplier.

Our RCPP80 retort pouch is made with a thicker material to prevent tears and leaks.

It has also passed both the shelf-life test and pressure test which makes it the best and most sustainable choice for pastes and sauces.

We Manufacture a Variety of Delicious Pastes For You

We are proudly Halal by Jakim and Mesti certified for all our pastes and sauces production and processing.

So, you can choose or request any plant-based paste or sauce from us that we pack in 1kg retort pouches.

Our Top Chosen Pastes & Sauces

Asam Pedas Paste

Meat Curry Paste

Fish Curry Paste

Rendang Paste

Satay Paste

Dried Shrimp Sambal

Curry Laksa Paste

Prawn Mee Paste

Siam Laksa Paste

Asam Laksa Paste

Ayam Goreng Marinade

Nasi Lemak Sambal

Tom Yam Paste

Kam Heong Sauce

Buttermilk Sauce

Lemon Sauce

Marmite Sauce

Black Pepper Sauce

Korean Hot Sauce

Teriyaki Sauce

Ginger Paste

Kantan Paste

Seafood Stew

Spicy Tamarind Sauce

Canton Hot and Spicy Steam Fish Sauce

Nyonya Sweet and Sour Sauce

For enquiries

All of our commercial pastes come in 1kg packaging in our High Quality Retort Pouch. We provide contract manufacturing services with low MOQ and customized pastes according to your preferences.

Totally Certified Contract Manufacturing

By working with us for your paste or sauce production, you have total peace of mind with our processes.


Halal by Jakim

MeSTi Certified

Made in Malaysia


Local Council License

Rated 5-Stars on Shopee

kantan oem instant pastes services

Your No.1 Choice for Contract Manufacturing Retort Packaging Pastes & Sauces


We maintain our quality, taste, and sustainability that fully support your business success

Here at Kantan, we understand that efficiency in costs and work is a priority for businesses.

Which is why we offer contract manufacturing services that are ideal to meet the demands of the f&b industry.

Interested? Get in touch and we’ll respond shortly!

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For business enquiries

All of our commercial pastes come in 1kg packaging. We provide OEM services with low MOQ and customized pastes according to your preferences.

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