Restaurants face a lot of challenges in their day to day

Some restaurants face long-term challenges that are difficult to solve by themselves.

As their demand increases, challenges will increase if they don’t manage their workflow efficiently.

Is your restaurant facing issues? Here are some of the challenges restaurants face and the solutions.

Restaurants Inventory Wastage

The number 1 challenge for restaurant business owners is inventory wastage.

Ingredients and raw materials are significant expenses for any restaurant but they have a short shelf-life.

One way is to use inventory management software to properly plan your inventory from end to end.

However, another surefire solution is to cut down your inventory by using instant cooking pastes that have a very long shelf-life.

Supplier Management

A successful restaurant is one that can maintain a stable supply chain.

Of course, buying supplies in bulk cuts down your overall expenses for maximum value.

Thus, finding a reliable supplier is a problem for many restaurants.

You can definitely rely on a ready-to-cook pastes supplier as they have a stable production rate for your peace of mind.


Profitability of a Meal

How much should your products cost? This is a crucial step when deciding.

Restaurant business owners must take into account so many details such as ingredients, skills to cook, presentation, and the demand.

All in all, it is very costly if you use the trial and error method.

To help you gain profits, an easy solution would be to use readymade cooking pastes.

It requires only a few ingredients, low skills, and helps you cook consistent tasting dishes.

Employee Management

Nowadays, it is quite difficult to hire the right people with the right skills for the job.

Restaurants need to hire trained chefs to cook up delicious meals to ensure the demand grows.

However, restaurants have just newly opened comfortably for the public so it is difficult to cover salary expenses.

Understaffed restaurants are never a good look. So, what you can do is use instant cooking pastes so you don’t have to hire professional chefs to make masterpieces.

Restaurants Customer Retention

Restaurant business is very competitive, so retaining customers needs a lot of effort.

Giving an overall good experience for your customers is a great way to ensure they come back.

However, one of the main reasons customers refuse to return is the inconsistent quality of food.

If your restaurant doesn’t have skilled cooks who can follow a recipe thoroughly, your customers can taste the difference.

One definite kitchen solution to help you make food with consistent quality and taste is by using instant cooking pastes.

What’s more, is that it tastes as fresh as meals cooked from scratch!


Restaurants No.1 Choice for Cooking Pastes

There are so many benefits by buying cooking pastes in bulk. But the main benefit is that they can significantly reduce your daily challenges.

Kantan is well aware of the various issues restaurant kitchens face since they are one of our client’s concerns.

If you’re in the restaurant business looking for authentic Asian instant cooking pastes, you’ve come to the right place.

Get in touch with us to purchase bulk readymade pastes at our special vendor price!

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