Working in the food industry is hard since there are so many rules and steps involved. If you’re looking to advance your business, have you ever thought of using readymade pastes for catering?

Catering Services in Malaysia

Organizing or hosting an event is a great responsibility as it involves what food will be served at the occasion. Some catering firms can take care of all aspects of food preparation and cleanup.

Whether you’re catering for large-scale ceremonies, private parties, or small functions, great-tasting food is why people ask ‘who is your caterer?’.

In Malaysia, the catering industry is dominated by Muslim entrepreneurs with Selangor having the highest number of Muslim caterers compared to other states – a total of 3376 as of 2019.

With that said, the demand for caterers has spiked. Especially now that state borders have been opened and the public are allowed to have large yet controlled events.


Why Catering Services Should Use Instant Cooking Pastes

Spend less on resources

Usually, caterers cook everything from scratch by partnering with their chosen ingredients supplier. But, every business demands efficiency.

Did you know, buying readymade food pastes cuts down at least 30% of ingredients expenses? 

Not only that, Malaysian food paste tastes just as good, maybe even more so. They make the cooking process easier which can help you cut down labor costs as well.

Plus, if you buy pastes in bulk, you’ll get the chance to negotiate better pricing with the supplier since you’re doing them a favor by clearing their stock regularly.

Better stock management

Good management is crucial for a successful business. This includes keeping stock in order for any upcoming events.

Buying ingredients the moment a client confirms their booking, then finding that most are unavailable is a cause to panic.

So, it’s better to buy bulk instant pastes to skip that risk entirely. With Kantan Instant Cooking Pastes, despite having no preservatives, you can store them for up to 1 year!

Less time to cook

Imagine someone is looking for a last-minute caterer for 150 pax. Surely, most caterers pass this opportunity down since there won’t be enough time to prepare.

Now let’s say you are using readymade pastes, you’ll cut down the cooking time by 15%! So, you’ll be the No. 1 choice for a reliable catering service in Malaysia.

Also worth mentioning, you can spend more energy and time on other tasks such as decorations, table settings, and client satisfaction.

Keeps a consistent taste

Caterers typically get their clients from word-of-mouth or the guest’s own experience. Certainly, the quality of food is the most notable factor.

Even one slight difference in taste will throw them off. Next thing you know, you’re answering back-to-back calls asking for refunds because  ‘it doesn’t taste the same!’.

To avoid this nightmare, cooking paste Malaysia is the answer. No more inconsistencies as you can easily cook guest-favorite menus with the same high quality.

TOP GUEST FAVORITE FOR BIG EVENTS : Rice with chicken curry and acar. (Kantan is an instant curry paste manufacturer in Malaysia)


Wholesale Instant Cooking Pastes Supplier for Catering Services

Catering is a timeless industry so caterers should stay ahead of the times.

If you’re not using readymade pastes for your catering services, don’t worry about starting. In the end, it will prove beneficial to your ROI and productivity.

So, let Kantan Food cater to all your catering service needs with our zero preservative Malaysian food pastes. 

We are also an OEM paste manufacturer in Malaysia!

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All of our commercial pastes come in 1kg packaging. We provide OEM services with low MOQ and customized pastes according to your preferences.

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