The restaurant industry mainly deals with highly perishable products.

They need to find the best restaurant food solutions to improve their supply management and create delicious meals.

Kantan is the best restaurant partner for cooking Malaysian dishes efficiently. Let’s get into it.

Restaurant Food Solutions by Kantan

Food Supply

A restaurant’s main contributor to more customers is the food. Each restaurant has its own theme and the food must follow that theme too.

For authentic Nyonya cuisine, the restaurant needs to master the Penang nyonya cooking such as a variety of sambal, assam pedas, curry laksa and more.

Truly authentic flavors are hard to cook so with instant cooking restaurant pastes, it will definitely be a lot easier and consistent.

Variety of Sauces and Pastes

restaurant-food-solutions-for-delicious-asian-cuisine-1Of course, a restaurant must have a lot of choices for their customers. You can focus on perfecting your most best-selling food, but everything else should taste decent as well.

Hiring cooks that can cook a lot of tasty menu items may hurt your budget. Another alternative you can try is finding a restaurant cooking paste supplier.

Kantan is prepared to supply authentic Malaysian sauces and pastes such as

  • Nasi lemak sambal
  • Mee rebus sauce
  • Gulai paste
  • Kam heong sauce
  • Marmite sauce
  • Lemon sauce
  • Cheong qin sauce
  • and more!

Product Consistency

Customers become regulars when a restaurant cooks food that taste consistent.

Following a recipe can be quite difficult to maintain if you’re using raw materials and cook from scratch.

With instant readymade pastes, consistency is guaranteed since you’re already skipping the basic steps so you can fully focus on the overall quality of your service.

Personalized Requirements

Working closely with your suppliers is important to avoid any mishaps which can damage your business.

Not only that, restaurant food suppliers should be able to meet your requirements to ensure your business improves.

Kantan is prepared to provide effective restaurant food solutions such as

  • Low MOQ
  • Halal & Mesti certified
  • Customized pastes & sauces
  • Consultant services

Kantan Food – Restaurant Food Solution Provider


Kantan helps create readymade pastes for restaurants that are looking for Asian flavors

If you’re a restaurant specializing in Asian cuisine, look no further than Kantan Food as your restaurant food supplier.

Our delectable Asian and Penang-inspired cookings pastes and sauces will certainly leave your customers wanting more.

Interested? Get in touch and we’ll respond shortly!

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For business enquiries

All of our commercial pastes come in 1kg packaging. We provide OEM services with low MOQ and customized pastes according to your preferences.

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