So you’re interested in the food business? What’s the best option here? An OEM food manufacturer, of course.

It is the safest yet worthwhile way to kickstart a successful food business in Malaysia.

Need more convincing? Let’s get into why an OEM food manufacturer in Malaysia is better for business.

Why you should work with an OEM food manufacturer

You’re probably here because you want to sell your own products. But preparing food from scratch in large batches is super finicky. You’ll go through dozens of trials before you get it right.

Skip all that by working with a food OEM company in Malaysia. Then, you can add your personal touch by adding spices to suit your brand.

Other than that, here’s why you should work with a Malaysian OEM food manufacturer.


OEM food products are made in large batches and are usually supplied to other food businesses – your competitors. So, personalization is important to stand out from them.

An OEM food company will discuss your requirements with you. Take advantage of this session and request your own branding as much as possible.

These include your logo, illustrations, packaging, labeling, and more.

Quick Response

Since you’ll be a regular customer of a food manufacturing company, you won’t have to worry about customer service. OEM food companies rely on long-term relationships so you’ll be in good hands.

So, any issues such as defects, quality, and delivery can be resolved reasonably and quickly.


Food Quality

The quality of food should never be gambled. Premises should be hygienic, utensils and tools have to be clean, and ingredients must be of good quality.

By working with a reputable OEM food company, you won’t have to worry about that. They do all of the above and more to make sure OEM food is up to standard.

Consistent Stock

Preparing food from scratch needs many ingredients that aren’t always available. That’s why an OEM food manufacturer is your best business partner.

Not only do they have an abundance of ingredients, but their products can last long so you can plan ahead. Then, you can manage your inventory better without worrying if they go bad.

Return on Investment

This goes without saying but working with a reliable OEM paste manufacturer adds more bang to your buck. Mostly because you have fewer overhead costs such as production, labor, and ingredients.

Thus, investing in an OEM food company won’t just bring in more profits, you’ll have more time to manage your business better.


Kantan Food Paste for Your OEM Needs

Creating your own brand takes a lot of dedication and hard work.

Kantan is a paste manufacturer in Malaysia that can supply OEM instant curry products in Malaysia. 

Serve your customers authentic Malaysian dishes inspired by Malaysia’s multicultures. Moreover, our instant food pastes are Muslim-friendly with zero preservatives and zero coloring.

Interested in having your own brand of made in Malaysia food products? Get in touch with our responsive team about our OEM services today!

For business enquiries

All of our commercial pastes come in 1kg packaging. We provide OEM services with low MOQ and customized pastes according to your preferences.

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