The food industry is a competitive marketplace.

With so many up-and-coming F&B businesses, it is crucial to maintain quality yet find ways to save money wherever possible.

One of the most ideal ways that food service businesses can reduce costs is by working with an OEM food manufacturer.

What is an OEM food manufacturer?

An Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) food manufacturer produces large quantities of food products for other brands.

Since mass production is the core of their business, OEM manufacturers follow strict standards to meet their client’s and consumers’ demands.

A food OEM is incredibly beneficial for the F&B sector for its amazing advantages.

The most overruling benefit is the ability for food businesses to reduce their overall costs.

How an OEM Food Manufacturer can Reduce Costs

Naturally, a food service business can gain a lot from working with an OEM manufacturer.

The main leverage is that they don’t have to worry about making the food from scratch.

Since the food industry has tough competition, they need to save overall expenses to be able to focus on selling and marketing their food and brand.

A food product OEM manufacturer can help reduce costs by:

Total production from OEM factory

By partnering with an OEM company, the manufacturing of food products is totally handled by the OEM in their own facility.

You don’t have to spend time or money thinking about renting or owning a facility since the cost is already included in your OEM contract.

An OEM provides equipment and materials

An OEM facility is fully equipped with the necessary equipment and materials to make your product for you.

Thus, you can cut expensive equipment and materials out of your budget since an OEM producer will have that covered.

OEM provides production workforce

OEM manufacturers have their own workers in their production line which means they take care of all human resources management.

You can rest easy as you don’t have to set aside expenses to cover their payroll, cost of absenteeism, welfare, and performance.

Production licenses and certifications of OEM

Making food products needs to meet the necessary standards of safety, hygiene, and consumption.

Depending on your OEM partner, they will have that covered. Kantan Food is certified Halal and Mesti for your peace of mind.

Eliminate the cost of production failures

Waste can take a big chunk out of your expenses if you handle your own food production.

An OEM is responsible for your food production so you won’t cover the cost of wastage or any production failures.

Easier to track budgeting

Last but not least, an experienced OEM will provide you with a clear cost estimate of your overall order.

This way, you are able to manage your expenses wisely and set aside the budget to cover the OEM costs.

Kantan Food – Your No.1 Food OEM Partner


We are experienced, certified, and ready to cook delicious food for your customers.

Are you looking for a reliable OEM food manufacturer to help you save time and expenses?

Kantan Food offers competitive OEM services and the finest quality products to help upscale your food business.

Interested? Get in touch and we’ll respond shortly!

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