Are you looking for an OEM food manufacturer?

If you work in a restaurant, food stall, franchise, or catering service, you’ll need an OEM food supplier to help you.

With an F&B outsource partner, your kitchen will work smoothly and efficiently to better serve your customers.

Professional OEM Malaysia Food Products for F&B Business

Kantan has been in the food industry for several years supporting F&B businesses with Malaysian pastes and sauces.

Our manufacturing facility is certified Halal and Mesti to meet the demands of the food industry.

We create Asian-based recipes that are widely loved because of our consistent quality to keep your customers happy.

Our OEM Food Supplier Qualities

Consistent Taste

Premium Ingredients

Zero Preservatives

No Lard

Zero Artificial Flavorings

Zero Artificial Colorings

Cuts Prep Time

Reduce Costs

100% Buatan Malaysia


Convenient 1kg Packaging

Customized Options

Our Malaysian OEM Food Factory Facility

We have the right expertise and machinery to prep, produce, package, and store our food products before reaching your kitchen.

From sourcing fresh ingredients to retort packaging our products, we make sure each process meets strict standards to meet your needs.


Automated Cooker

Step 1

In order to keep food quality as well as hygiene purposes, all pastes are cooked using automated cookers.

instant paste filling production

Filling Machine

Step 2

The paste will then be transferred to our filling machine, where all the pouches are filled with an exact grammage.

cooking paste sealing production

Sealing Machine

Step 3

Once filled, the pouch will then be vacuum sealed before moving on to the next step.


Package Retort Machine

Step 4

Finally, all pouches will go through a sterilization process that ensures their shelf life is extended.

Wide Range of Malaysian Recipes for OEM Supply

Kantan specializes in making a lot of recipes based on Malaysia’s famous flavors for our Malaysian food lovers.

We have perfected each recipe to honor Malaysia’s traditional tastes with total authenticity.

Asam Pedas Paste

Meat Curry Paste

Fish Curry Paste

Rendang Paste

Satay Paste

Dried Shrimp Sambal

Curry Laksa Paste

Prawn Mee Paste

Siam Laksa Paste

Asam Laksa Paste

Ayam Goreng Marinade

Nasi Lemak Sambal

Tom Yam Paste

Kam Heong Sauce

Buttermilk Sauce

Lemon Sauce

Marmite Sauce

Black Pepper Sauce

Korean Hot Sauce

Teriyaki Sauce

Ginger Paste

Kantan Paste

Seafood Stew Paste

Spicy Tamarind Sauce

Canton Hot and Spicy Steam Fish Sauce

Nyonya Sweet and Sour Sauce


Our Comprehensive OEM Food Manufacturing Process

We make sure our end-to-end processing methods are up to high standards to maintain the quality of our OEM supply.


We procure the freshest ingredients that bring out their full flavor for our authentic Malaysian recipes.

OEM Production

Our OEM factory is fully equipped with top-performance production and packaging machinery.

Quality Control

We maintain quality throughout each process to ensure all products are produced and packed safely.


All our finished products are kept securely within strict standards to maintain their top quality ready for your order.


We offer delivery services straight to your kitchen door with no minimum quantity order for your peace of mind.

Malaysia Food OEM Manufacturer & Supplier

A reliable and trusted OEM manufacturer to maximize your kitchen and business operations.

Kantan is an OEM manufacturer of authentic Malaysian instant cooking pastes for F&B businesses.

If your business specializes in Asian cuisine, we are the perfect partner for your food outsourcing needs.

Interested in our OEM services? Send us an inquiry below!

For business enquiries

All of our commercial pastes come in 1kg packaging. We provide OEM services with low MOQ and customized pastes according to your preferences.


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