Malaysian restaurants have been among the hottest openings in Australia.

It comes as no surprise since Malaysian food has such bold flavors and is packed with spices.

If you are looking for authentic Malaysian food for yourself or for your restaurant business, we have just the thing for you.

Authentic Malaysian Restaurants in Australia

As cited by Asian Inspirations, Australians are lining up for Malaysian Food.

There are already a growing number of restaurants in Australia that serves delicious Malaysian food.

Some of them are Hawker Hall, Little Peddler, and Mamak.

Not only are they frequented by visiting or residing Malaysians, but Australians also love the deep flavors and exotic tastes.

Do you have a food business in Australia?

When cooking for customers, the food must be authentically made no matter the menu.

Especially for any culturally-based food items, like authentic Malaysian food in Australia.

It takes a lot of skills to master and you will need a strong resources supplier.

If you don’t have either, consider working with an authentic Malaysian paste supplier.

Authentic Malaysian Paste Supplier for the Australian Market

Looking for one to work with? You’re in the right place!

Kantan Food is a reputable cooking paste supplier specializing in Malaysian flavors with recipes passed through generations.

We cater to all businesses of all sizes with our restaurant kitchen solutions to help you focus on your business.

We are certified for your peace of mind


Halal by Jakim

MeSTi Certified

Made in Malaysia


Local Council License

Rated 5-Stars on Shopee

What Can We Do For You?

Consistent in taste

Made with premium products

Zero preservatives

No lards

Zero artificial coloring

No artificial flavoring

Cuts preparation times

Costs less yet high quality

100% Malaysia Food Product


1kg Packaging

Customized Options

Cooking Authentic Malaysian Food in Australia

Apart from the renowned restaurants, you may wonder how you can cook authentic Malaysian meals far from the country.

Although several key ingredients are hard to come by (and expensive), don’t say goodbye to cooking your Malaysian favorites just yet.

Cancel your plans of cooking from scratch and savor the convenience of cooking with Kantan instant pastes.

Kantan Food – Authentic Malaysian Instant Pastes Supplier


Made with real ingredients, spiced to perfection, packed with flavor.

If you’re a restaurant specializing in Malaysian cuisine in Australia, look no further than Kantan Food as your restaurant kitchen food partner.

Or if you want to cook authentic Malaysian meals yourself in Australia, we can help with that too!

Our flavorful Malaysian cooking pastes and sauces will certainly leave you wanting more.

See our line of products here.

Interested? Get in touch and we’ll respond shortly!

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For business enquiries

All of our commercial pastes come in 1kg packaging. We provide OEM services with low MOQ and customized pastes according to your preferences.

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