No time on your hands? Try cooking quick fix meals with instant food paste!

Eating good food is enjoyable without a doubt. But not many of us have the time nor energy to cook a nice meal from scratch.

There’s no judgment in ordering food or eating out once in a while, but it can be quite repetitive and dull. One solution is instant food paste for that homemade taste and meals in minutes in Malaysia.

But did you know not only home cooks use instant cooking paste? Many people cook with instant food paste for easy yet authentic Malaysian cuisines.

Who can use Instant Food Pastes?

Traditional Malaysian dishes are to die for. However, mastering the deep flavors from various ethnicities and cultures is complex. Hence, why people are always looking for the most authentic tasting Malaysian dishes.

With Kantan Malaysian food pastes, the never-ending search is over! We seal our instant food pastes in retort packaging to prevent contamination. It also ensures longer shelf life and safer delivery.  


Instant Pastes for Restaurants

When you dine in at a restaurant, waiting for more than 15 minutes tests your patience, right? Thus, this is why almost all food production kitchens have pre-cooked products to cook up delicious dishes in mere minutes.

This includes instant cooking paste for commercial kitchens which are super simple to cook with. By prepping the ingredients beforehand, almost all meals are ready-made to order.


Hotels have a widespread of various delicacies in their buffet. It’s what hotel-goers look forward to. Especially for hotels in Malaysia, Malaysian cuisine should taste authentic for foreigners and locals.

With so many Asian foods to cook up fresh daily, Kantan’s instant food pastes make cooking them easy. Serve ready-to-cook meals in Malaysia with our best curry paste for fish, best rendang paste, Malaysian satay stir fry, and more!

Readymade Pastes for Canteens

From schools to offices, canteens are busy with hungry people during peak hours.

Most are looking for hearty and filling foods that please their picky tastebuds. Usually, Malaysian dishes are their top go-to meals since they are full of flavor and keep them full throughout the day.

Hence, cooking meals with Kantan’s range of instant cooking pastes is just what they need for lip-smacking tastes.

Home-based Business

Recently, home-based food businesses are on the rise and foodies are ready to support local businesses in Malaysia. However, keeping up with orders and being consistent with flavors at the same time is stressful.

That’s why Kantan makes OEM food products for small businesses to cook up consistent-tasting Malaysian foods so customers are always satisfied. Now you can stop looking for how to cook rendang chicken by making authentic rendang with the best rendang paste brand from a top instant cooking paste supplier.

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Instant Food Pastes for Home Cooking

Since food in Malaysia involves many ingredients for that kaw taste, hunting for the spices and base ingredients will take much of your time and energy. Usually, they are stewed for hours to bring out the flavors. Before long, you’re already too tired to eat with the family.

Cut down all that time and actually enjoy your home-cooked meals with your loved ones with Kantan’s pastes for food. All you need is the proteins and vegetables, mix them in and you’re done!

Cook with Kantan Instant Food Paste for Authentic Malaysian Flavors

Whether for commercial kitchens or home cooking, making delicious meals should be easy for everyone.

Kantan is a paste manufacturer in Malaysia that produces paste products in 1kg retort packaging perfect for bulk orders. We are also an OEM food manufacturer in Malaysia so you can build your business with our delectable instant food pastes.

Interested in upgrading your kitchen production? Get in touch with our responsive team about our business packaging, dealership and OEM services today!

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All of our commercial pastes come in 1kg packaging. We provide OEM services with low MOQ and customized pastes according to your preferences.

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