Readymade food paste makes cooking Malaysian dishes fool-proof and instant!

Malaysia is home to people from different cultures reflected in many Malaysian cuisines across the nation.

There are influences of Malay, Chinese, Indian, Javanese, and many other ethnicities in authentic Malaysian food. Each of them showcasing the rich food heritage of Malaysia.

However, not everyone can replicate flavorsome dishes so easily. That’s why every Malaysian kitchen should have readymade pastes to cook traditional and tasty meals in minutes.

Benefits of Readymade Food Paste for your Kitchen

Malaysia is becoming more fast-paced than ever. For that reason, most Malaysians don’t have much time to cook from scratch.

Thinking about what to cook, then hunting down ingredients, prepping ingredients, following an intricate recipe can be overwhelming and time-consuming.

Therefore, the no.1 alternative for meals that taste just as good is instant cooking pastes! Let’s get into why they should be in everyone’s kitchen.

1. One Paste for Multiple Dishes

Since cooking pastes do not include any meats, you can choose whatever protein you want for the day.

For example, you can use Kantan Rendang Paste to cook chicken, mutton, lamb, or even meaty mushrooms. All of them will taste superb as they will absorb the deep flavors and spices of our best rendang paste brand.

2. Makes Complex Dishes Easy

Some Malaysian dishes such as curry, rendang, or asam pedas are quite complicated. It involves a long list of spices and ingredients that aren’t common in the kitchen.

Hence, Kantan’s Malaysian food pastes allow home cooks to create meals in under 20 minutes yet tastes like it has been stewed for hours!

3. Quick Fix Side Dish

Sometimes the main course isn’t enough or you just need a bowl of hot rice and a side dish to fill you up.

With readymade pastes such as Kantan’s Prawn Sambal paste, you can quickly stir fry your favorite veggies for the perfect condiment to your meal. Our top favorite side dish with Kantan’s instant paste is sambal sweet potato leaves. Click here for the recipe.

4. Healthy Malaysian Meals

Frequently eating out or ordering for delivery isn’t a healthy option and you know it. Sure, it’s fast and easy compared to cooking but what if you had the best of both worlds – Kantan’s food pastes!

Kantan makes instant cooking pastes from natural ingredients and zero preservatives. And you don’t need to add any other seasonings because the taste is splendid on its own!

5. Authentic Traditional Recipes

Kantan knows how important authenticity is for Malaysian dishes which is why we make our readymade pastes from traditional recipes.

We make sure our pastes for cooking are full of Malaysian flavors with special ingredients so customers can savor the authentic tastes of their favorite meals.


Authentic Malaysian Dishes with Kantan Readymade Food Paste

Whether you’re a home cook or working in a commercial kitchen, cooking should be easy for everyone.

So if you’re short on time or simply too tired to cook from scratch, Kantan readymade food paste are just what you need for delicious tasting Malaysian dishes.

We are a paste manufacturer in Malaysia cooking up the best paste products full of spices and flavors Malaysian love.

Quickly grab our PROMO packages that you surely don’t want to miss!

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