header-list-of-malaysian-and-asian-inspired-oem-pastes-and-saucesDo you work in a Malaysian or Asian-inspired kitchen?

Whether a restaurant, food stall, franchise, or catering service, you’ll need tasty OEM pastes and sauces.

By working with Kantan Food, your kitchen will be filled with a variety of Asian flavors, and your eatery filled with regular customers.

Here, we list down all our specialty instant pastes and sauces that are available for OEM food supply.

Certified OEM Pastes and Sauces Manufacturer & Supplier

With our extensive experience in the food industry, Kantan has long since supported many vibrant Asian food businesses with authentic Asian delicacies.

As such, we guarantee outstanding quality with our certified Halal and Mesti OEM factory to produce our pastes and sauces.


Wide Range of Malaysian Recipes for OEM Supply

Kantan specializes in making a lot of recipes based on Malaysia’s famous flavors for our Malaysian food lovers.

We have perfected each recipe to honor Malaysia’s traditional tastes with total authenticity.

Asam Pedas Paste

The perfect balance of sour and spicy by combining tamarind juice and chili paste. Prepare the Asam Pedas paste with fish, okra, and tomatoes to create a zesty and rich broth.

Meat Curry Paste

Blended aromatic spices and fresh ingredients to perfection. Prepare the Meat Curry Paste by adding your choice of protein, coconut milk, okra, eggplant, and tomatoes to create a hearty dish.

Fish Curry Paste

Intensely fragrant with the perfect amount of spice and heat. Prepare the Fish Curry Paste with fish, coconut milk, fried tofu, and veggies to create a comforting and flavor complex dish.

Rendang Paste

A complex yet balanced unity of aromatics and spices. Prepare the Rendang Paste by adding chicken or beef mixed with coconut milk to enjoy a fuss-free yet intricate delicacy.

Satay Paste

 A balanced marinade mix of lemongrass, cumin, and chili. Prepare the Satay Paste by marinading chicken and cook until juicy and tender to create Malaysia’s favorite hawker food.

Dried Shrimp Paste

Tangy and intense flavors of dried shrimp with savory aromatics. Prepare the Dried Shrimp with your choice of vegetables such as green beans, sweet potato leaves, or okra to create a delicious side dish.

Curry Laksa Paste

Full of complex flavors and balanced with choice spices. Prepare the Curry Laksa Paste by adding either chicken or seafood with optional vegetables to pour over some blanched noodles for a memorable comfort food.

Prawn Mee Paste

 Spicy and intense flavored from real prawn stock and aromatics. Prepare the Prawn Mee Paste by adding fresh prawns, tofu, and chosen veggies for a heartwarming slurping delicacy.

Siam Laksa Paste

Perfectly balanced with distinct spices and the freshest ingredients. Prepare the Siam Laksa Paste by adding mackerel and finishing off with pineapple to eat with laksa noodles for an exquisite dish.

Assam Laksa Paste

Balanced yet complex with a mix of quality aromatics. Prepare the Assam Laksa Paste by adding mackerel to pour over laksa noodles and a squeeze of lime for a delightful and delicious delicacy.

Ayam Goreng Marinade

 Simple yet flavorful blend of the freshest ingredients. Prepare the Ayam Goreng Marinade by mixing it with chicken and frying until tender to accompany a bed of warm rice and chosen lauk.

Nasi Lemak Sambal

The spicy sweet blend of slow-cooked until perfectly done. Add the Nasi Lemak Sambal to a bed of steaming santan rice with a side of egg, anchovies, peanuts, and optional side dishes for this filling and flavorful fan-favorite.

Tom Yam Paste

Filled with a blend of distinct spices and aromatics. Prepare the Tom Yam Paste by adding your choice of chopped veggies and chicken or seafood for a savory Thai taste with either rice or noodles.

Kam Heong Sauce

 A mind-blowing combination of different spices and ingredients. Add the Kam Heong Sauce to your favorite protein and savor the succulent taste over a bed of hot white rice.

Buttermilk Sauce

Sweet and savory flavors in a cream-based sauce. Enjoy the Buttermilk Sauce with either fried popcorn chicken, prawns, or calamari, and add extra curry leaves for an added kick of flavor.

Lemon Sauce

Perfectly balanced tangy and sweet flavors. Add the Lemon Sauce to your chosen protein, traditionally chicken for a delicious punch of lemon-flavored delight.

Marmite Sauce

 Packed with Asian flavors with an acquired taste. Mix the Marmite Sauce with chicken and either grill or pan-fry to bring out the powerful caramel flavor you’ll certainly love.

Black Pepper Sauce

Simply spiced yet tasty with a blend of warm spices. Add the Black Pepper Sauce to cuts of chicken or meat for a flavorful and spicy punch accompanied with steaming rice.

Korean Hot Sauce

Sweet and spicy with a delicious and distinctive mix of spices. Enjoy the popular Korean Hot Sauce by adding it to anything: rice, noodles, chicken, meats, seafood, and veggies.

Teriyaki Sauce

 Savory, salty, and sweet which packs a dark and bold punch. Add the Teriyaki Sauce to anything grilled or fried as a flavorful glaze and enjoy the rich Japanese taste.

Ginger Paste

Blended ginger root to create a smooth and spicy paste. Use the Ginger Paste conveniently as a base for most Asian recipes for a kick of warm spice.

Kantan Paste

Blended bunga kantan with a rich, floral, and citrus taste. Use the Kantan Paste as a base for Malaysia’s favorite delicacies such as Asam Pedas, Ikan Bakar, and Assam Laksa.

Seafood Stew Paste

 The perfect combination of fragrant and aromatic spices. Prepare the Seafood Stew Paste by adding your chosen seafood and veggies for a delicious broth packed with flavor.

Spicy Tamarind Sauce

A sweet, tangy, and spicy combination of ingredients. Add the Spicy Tamarind Sauce to just about anything and enjoy the tart and spiced sweetness.

Canton Hot & Spicy Steamed Fish Sauce

Blended ginger, chili, garlic, and more for a traditional taste. Prepare the Canton Hot & Spicy Steamed Fish Sauce by adding it to your fish and steam until cooked to perfection.

Nyonya Sweet and Sour Sauce

Balanced sweet and sour flavors for an Authentic Nyonya-based recipe. Add the Nyonya Sweet and Sour Sauce to your chosen protein for a deep and exquisite tasting dish.

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